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  • Hydrology

Precipitation Analysis
Flood Frequency Determination
Weather Station Implementation
Runoff Analysis

  • Hydraulics

Stream Flow Measurement
Gaging Station Development
1 and 2-D Hydraulic Modeling
FIS Studies
Flood Modeling
Unsteady Flow Analysis

  • Groundwater Modeling

Construction Dewatering
Contaminant Transport
Surface-Groundwater Interaction
Levee Seepage Analysis
Regional Groundwater Evaluation
and Budgets

  • Sedimentation

Sediment Collection & Monitoring, 
Transport Analysis
Erosion and Sedimentation Analysis
Reservoir Sedimentation

  • River Restoration

Geomorphic Analysis
Stream Stability Assessment
Erosion Control
Habitat Enhancement
IFIM Analysis

  • Flood Management

Flood Insurance Studies
Flood Plain Analysis
Flood Reduction Alternatives
Detention/Retention Alternatives

  • Water Quality

Data Collection and Stream
Non-Point Source Analysis
Nutrient Modeling
Temperature Modeling
Pollutant Transport

  • Limnology

Water Budget Analysis
Reservoir Operations Analysis
Reservoir Yield
Wind-Wave Analysis
Sediment Resuspension
Wetlands Design and Restoration